About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to you in the most suitable way...

We work day and night with our professional team to bring a fresh perspective to call centers.

We provide innovative and intelligent solutions for the business world, serving over 500 companies across various industries.

We bridge the gap for over a million interactions made by thousands of users every year.

Our Story

Ondialer is a pioneering cloud call center software brand in Turkey, taking confident strides towards delivering a next-generation call center experience to its customers. We provide both voice and text-based call center services.
Unlike call center systems that require hardware and complexities, we offer quick solutions without any hardware or investment costs, allowing you to activate your call center within minutes and address your challenges promptly.
With an innovative, affordable, high-quality, and commitment-free service approach, we tirelessly work day and night for you. We invite you to join our hundreds of satisfied business partners and get in touch with us to secure your spot among them.

Our Certifications